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A Ceiling Loft In Your Wood Shed

Have you ever wondered why you seemingly can’t fit much of anything into your enormous closet?

Worse, have you ever wondered why you can’t actually walk into your enormous closet because every square inch of the closet floor is covered by something?

Storage efficiency, as many of us learn the hard way, is not about filling up the footprint.  Storage efficiency is about filling up volume, including every cubic inch of height, width and depth of available storage space.

The same theory, of course, applies to garden sheds and storage sheds.  Fill up as much space as possible and you will maximize the utility of your storage buildings.

Two wood sheds, in particular, can enhance your ability to seek out and maximize storage space with built-in ceiling lofts.

The first of these wood sheds is the EZup Parklane 14 x 10 Wood Storage Shed.


This medium sized garden shed or storage shed has double doors and comes with optional windows, flooring and cupola.  Perhaps most importantly, this wood shed comes with a 2nd level loft that is built right into the rafters.  A 4’ deep loft floor, which is provided at both ends of the shed, provides substantial storage space for those odds and ends that otherwise might clutter up the floor of your wood shed.

The second of these wood sheds is the Suncast 10 x 20 Pool House. 


This very stylish wood shed contains both a 10’ x 12’ x 10’9” enclosed area with ample windows and doors as well as a charming 10’ x 8’ x 10’9” porch with roofing and decorative handrails.  In addition, screens, shutters, flower boxes and an optional cupola truly enhance the tremendous appeal of this exciting backyard wood shed.  Best of all, the floor of the roof area that covers the porch doubles as a storage loft for those many toys and sundry items that somehow find their way into a pool house.

Lofty ideas save space.  That is one of the many tricks to maximizing storage space.

If you are interested in an optional cupola for your wood shed, please read the article A Cuploa For Your Wood Shed.  If you are interested in “lighting up” your garden shed, storage shed or pool house during the evening hours, please read the article A Solar Light For Your Wood Shed.