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CedarShed: Combining A Greenhouse and a Storage Shed

Some combinations work quite well.  For instance, the pyramids and the Sphinx have peacefully co-existed for a few thousand years withpout much in the way of squabbling.

Other combinations do not, in the long run, work nearly as well.   The breakup the Beatles was, of course, quite disturbing to those who listened to them back in the day.

But, if you are seeking the ultimate combination, look no further than the Sunhouse Cedar Wood Shed that is produced by CedarShed Industries.

This unique cedar wood shed combines the functionality of a greenhouse with the practicality of a spacious backyard storage facility.   A 60” by 146” thermoclear panel roof provides tremendous natural light flow for gardening activities without overheating the interior of this spacious cedar shed.   The accompanying storage space and the 34” deep by 139.5” long workbench provide both storage volume and a large work area for gardening activities.

This attractive cedar wood shed also comes with roof shingles, a plywood floor, a single dutch door with a lockable turnbuckle hasp and a full awning window.  Space, light, access and plenty of headroom create an outstanding backyard gardening retreat for even the most avid gardener.

An image of the Sunhouse Cedar Wood Shed follows:

This image reflects a Sunhouse Cedar Wood Shed.

An internal image of the Sunhouse Cedar Wood Shed with a workbench and a truncated non-greenhouse wall follows:

This image reflects the interior of a Sunhouse Cedar Wood Shed.

The Sunhouse Cedar Wood Shed may or may not last as long as the pyramids or the Sphinx.  However, with proper care, it should last far longer than the Beatles.

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