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Preventing Condensation in Metal Storage Sheds

Condensation can occur inside metal sheds due to the air inside the shed typically being at a warmer temperature than the air outside. Water vapor coming up from any moisture in the foundation will turn to liquid if the temperature of the inside surfaces of the shed are at a lower temperature than the air inside the shed thus forming condensation. The reverse can also be true. This moisture can then drip back into the foundation starting the cycle all over again.

Keeping a few tips in mind prior to assembling your shed will help you to minimize condensation problems inside.

  1. A plastic sheet (vapor barrier) placed under the entire floor area with good ventilation will reduce condensation in your storage shed.
  2. Silicone caulking may be used for watertight seals throughout the building. For best results apply the caulking inside the shed.
  3. Be sure to use all washers or weather stripping supplied to protect against weather infiltration. Do not over tighten washers!
  4. Be sure that your foundation is completely dry before you begin construction of your building. For example a concrete foundation should be allowed to “cure” long enough that there is no moisture in the slab. Any left over moisture in your foundation will start the cycle of condensation.
  5. You may be able to install a vapor diffusion retarder on the warmest side of the shed wall. These vapor diffusion retarders normally come in the form of membranes or coatings. It is best to consult with a local builder if you have never had experience with this.

If you have questions about installing your storage shed or are interested in obtaining other tips, it is always a good idea to speak directly with the manufacturer of the storage shed. They have many tips and tricks that are commonly not available to consumers through regular channels.