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Little Cottage Company: A Wood Storage Shed For Less Than $1,000

A lot of people just flat out like wood.  They like the texture, they like the look and they like the natural sheen of a wooden structure.

‘70s era musicians were particularly fond of wood.

The Beatles, for one, really liked wood.  Otherwise, Norwegian Plastic or Norwegian Metal may have been huge hit songs.

Fleetwood Mac took it even a step further and refused to go the route of Fleetvinyl Mac.  Clearly not as catchy.

’11 era customers also like wood and wood sheds are very popular items as backyard storage sheds, garden sheds, boathouses, garages and simple get-away spots for relaxation and leisure.  Wood sheds, however, tend to be more expensive on a square footage basis than their metal shed, plastic shed and vinyl shed counterparts.

So what does one do when wood is the material of choice, storage capacity is the need of the day and cost is a concern ?

Consider the Value Gambrel Wood Shed Kit (w/ 4' Sidewalls).

This attractive barn-like structure is an outstanding backyard storage facility that comes in 17 sizes that range from a compact and functional 8’ x 8’ to a significantly larger and spacious 12’ x 24’.  Best of all, the pricing for this popular wood storage shed ranges from $895 (yes, a wood shed for less than $1,000) for the 8’ x 8’ model to $1,902 for the 12’ x 24’ model.

This appealing shed, which is manufactured by the Little Cottage Company, has a gambrel roof line that expands the internal space and storage volume of this wood storage shed.   The 8’ wide models have a 4’ x 6’ double door and the 10’ and 12’ wide models have an even larger 5’ x 6’ double door that is situated on the “short” side of this backyard storage shed.

The gambrel roof sits atop 4’ high side walls.  Added to the height of the gambrel roof itself, there is plenty of room to store large items of lawn equipment, garden tools and other large items that require backyard storage.  Just as importantly, there is room for the shed owner or shed user to make his away around this storage shed without cracking his or her head.

All elements of this wood storage assembly kit are pre-cut for the assembly process. The shed components are pre-primed and the shed comes with Smartside siding and aluminum corner trim for additional durability.

A picture of the Value Gambrel Wood Shed Kit (w/ 4’ Sidewalls) follows:

This image reflects a Value Gambrel wood Shed Kit (w/ 4' Sidewalls).

For those that have a fancy for a gambrel roofed storage shed with siginificantly more height and internal storage volume, strong consideration should be given to the Value Gambrel Wood Shed Kit (w/ 6' Sidewalls).  This appealing wood storage shed has 6’ high sidewalls that dramatically increase the storage capacity and functionality of this wood storage shed.  The Value Gambrel Wood Shed Kit (w/ 6’ Sidewalls) also comes in 17 sizes that range from 8’ x 8’ to 12’ x 24’ with corresponding pricing that ranges from $1.009 to $2,273.

A picture of the Value Gambrel Wood Shed Kit (w/ 6’ Sidewalls) follows:

This image reflects a Value Gambrel Wood Shed Kit (w/ 6' Sidewalls).

Wood is certainly a timeless commodity and a wood storage shed can definitely enhance the ambience and functionality of one’s backyard.  Just ask Paul McCartney the next time you see him in Norway!

* Prices are subject to change based on any price changes implemented by the Little Cottage Company.