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So You Need A BIG Storage Shed

Let’s think big.

Real big.

Does a storage building with a 10’ width make you think big?


How about if that storage building has a depth that ranges anywhere from 15.5’ to a monstrous 31’?

That makes for a very big storage shed.

Duramax produces a series of 10 foot (that is 10’ width mind you) vinyl storage buildings that provide enormous amounts of secure and durable storage space.  These storage buildings, which will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade, come with a variety of doors, windows and lots and lots of storage capacity. Each of these storage buildings comes with a free floor frame kit and, best of all, these vinyl storage sheds never require painting.

The Duramax vinyl 10 footers include the following vinyl storage sheds:

Each of these sheds comes with extra-wide double doors on the gable end of the shed, a side door on the “long” wall and over 7’ of internal height.  Optional window kits are available for these vinyl storage sheds and each of these vinyl storage sheds can handle at least 20 pounds per square foot of snow.  A neutral ivory color makes for a very attractive storage building.

The Duramax Vinyl Shed 10 x 15.5 w/ Free Floor Frame Kit is the smallest of the Duramax vinyl storage buildings.  Of course, as the following image indicates, small is a relative term:

Duramax Vinyl Shed 10x15.5 w/ FREE Floor Frame Kit

The Duramax Vinyl Shed 10 x 31 w/ Free Floor Frame Kit is the largest of the Duramax vinyl storage buildings.  Unless your last storage building was used to store dirigibles, this vinyl storage shed is quite simply enormous:

This image reflects a Duramax Vinyl Shed 10x31 w/ FREE Floor Kit.

Big jobs and big storage requirements require a big storage building.  The Duramax 10 footers may be what you are looking for if you need big!