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Firehouse Playhouse Kit 8' x 8'

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Item #: LC-FH88-722
Manufacturer #: Little Cottage Company
Manufacturer Part No #: LC-FH88
Availability: In stock - Usually ships in 5-7 business days.

Product Overview
This exciting playhouse is the smallest version of a firehouse that comes with a brass fire bell, a FIREHOUSE USA sign, an ENGINE #1 sign and the potential for unlimited backyard fun. The kids have a double firehouse door and the adults have a dutch door.

Product Description


Firehouse Playhouse Kit 8’ x 8’

Product Description
This world of fun for the kids comes with a brass fire bell, a FIREHOUSE USA sign and an ENGINE #1 sign. The double firehouse doors have an opening of 40” x 40” and the adult dutch door in the back of the firehouse has an opening that is 61” x 34”. Playhouse kits are roughly 8’ high and are available in three sizes. A working window with safety glass, grids, screens and shutters permits ample natural light flow. This wood playhouse kit is constructed from panelized sections (not just pre-cut sections) that expedite the assembly process. See the Firehouse Playhouse Kit 8’ x 10’ and the Firehouse Playhouse Kit 8’ x 12’ for larger versions of this exciting playhouse. Give your children a play set fit for a King! This child sized building will give them hours of entertainment and enjoyment while they play games and act as firemen.

Dimensions and Specifications
High quality siding and trim
Primed and ready for paint.
40” x 40” double firehouse doors for the kids
61” x 34” adult dutch door on back wall of firehouse
Working window with safety glass, grids, screens and shutters
2x3 wood wall framing
2x4 wood trusses 24” on center
Panelized wall sections (not just pre-cut sections)
Pre-primed trim fastended to panels
Aluminum corner trim

Customer Provides
Drip Edge
Floor (if purchased without a floor kit)
Finish paint

Shipping Info
Generally, customers can expect orders to arrive within 1 to 3 weeks from the time the order is placed.  For complete shipping information see our Shipping Policy.



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