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Lifetime 11 x 18.5 Storage Shed

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Item #: 614518-382
Manufacturer #: Lifetime
Manufacturer Part No #: 614518
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Product Overview
This large plastic storage shed is delivered as a Lifetime 11 x 13.5 Storage Shed with two 2.5 extensions. With a peak internal height of 67, five 30x10 shelves, two 30x14 shelves, four skylights and two vents, this is an efficient storage shed.

Product Description


Lifetime 11' x 18.5' Storage Shed

Quality That You Have Come to Expect from Lifetime Products

The Lifetime 11’ x 18.5' Storage shed is an attractive and practical storage building that has numerous attributes that will enhance its function as a backyard storage facility. The shatter proof windows that open half-way and the screened vents will permit necessary airflow. The high-impact plastic skylights and the battery operated touch light with auto shutoff will provide more than adequate illumination. Finally, the customizable steel reinforced shelving system and the pegboard with metal tool hooks will enable you to organize and maintain a tidy storage shed.

Lifetime storage sheds, which are constructed from high-density polyethylene plastic with sturdy steel reinforcements, are designed for style and durability. These plastic sheds, which will never require any painting, are weather resistant and not subject to rusting, fading or cracking. Routine cleaning of a Lifetime storage shed can be accomplished by simply spraying down the shed with a hose.

Please note this storage shed is delivered as a 11’ x 13.5’ base kit with (2) 2.5' extensions. The picture above shows an 11’ x 13.5’ Lifetime storage shed without any 2.5' extensions.

Material Heavy duty, weather-resistant powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene plastic
Dimensions 11ft. wide x 18.5ft. deep
Doors One set of padlockable double doors with internal spring latch, interior deadbolts
Windows Two latch and lock, shatter proof, polycarbonate windows open halfway for ventilation
Included Shelving (5) 30" x 10", (2) 30" x 14", (2) 16" peg strips w/tool hooks
Extra Features Four skylights, two screened vents
Warranty 10 yr. Limited Warranty
Storage Shed Dimensions
Nominal Dimensions 11' x 18.5'
Footprint 124.25"w x 214.5"d
Exterior Width 123.5"
Exterior Roof Width 132.75"
Exterior Depth 214.5"
Exterior Height 112"
Eave Depth 5.25"
Fascia Height 3.25"
Roof Pitch 6:12
Door Opening Dimensions 77.3" h x 57.5" w
Window Opening Dimensions 21.5"w x 23.62"h
Interior Width 120.5"
Interior Depth 200.5"
Interior Height Minimum 79"
Interior Height Maximum 110.25"
Storage Shed Dimensions
Nominal Dimensions 11' x 18.5'
Footprint 124.25"w x 243.5"d
Exterior Width 123.5"
Exterior Roof Width 132.75"
Exterior Depth 18.5ft
Exterior Roof Depth 252.75"
Exterior Height 112"
Eave Depth 5.25"
Fascia Height 3.25"
Roof Pitch 6:12
Door Opening Dimensions 77.3" h x 57.5"w 
Window Opening Dimensions 21.5"w x 23.62"h
Interior Width 120.5"
Interior Depth 200.5"
Interior Height Minimum 79"
Interior Height Maximum 110.25"
Square Feet 175.7 sq. feet
Cubic Feet 1376.7 cu. feet

Additional Information

Lifetime 11' x 18.5' Outdoor Storage Shed

Steel-Reinforced High-Density Plastic Construction

Made in USA, 10-year warranty

Sturdy, Steel-Reinforced Construction

  • Steel-Reinforced, Dent-Resistant, Double-Wall, High-Density Plastic Panels
  • Steel Trusses Provide Additional Roof Strength
  • High-Grade Metal Screws Ensure Secure-Fastened Assembly

Attractive Appearance and Design

  • Molded Wood-Grain Wall Panels
  • Simulated Shingled Roof
  • Natural Colors Complement Surroundings

Low Maintenance

  • UV-Protected to Prevent Fading and Cracking
  • Weather-Resistant Seams Help Keep Interior Dry
  • Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean
  • Never Needs Painting

High-Pitched Roof

  • Steep Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow

High-Arched, Steel-Reinforced Doors

  • Lockable Doors with Internal Latching Mechanism
  • Full-Length Steel Hinge System

High-Density Plastic Floor Included

  • Does Not Crack, Chip or Peel
  • Slip Resistant Surface with Beveled Edge
  • Resistant to Oil, Solvents and Stains

Special Features

  • Shatter Proof Window Opens Half-Way for Increased Ventilation
  • High-Impact Plastic Skylights Allow Natural Light to Illuminate Interior
  • Screened Vents Provide Airflow and Help Keep Pests Out
  • Customizable Steel-Reinforced Shelving System
  • Pegboard with Metal Tool Hooks
  • Battery-Operated Touch Light with Auto Shut-off

Quality Materials

All of our sheds are built with the highest-quality steel and polyethylene parts. The design and construction of our steel-reinforced double-wall panels is second to none. All of our exposed steel parts and trusses are powder coated and we only use high-impact polyethylene plastic.

High-Impact Polyethylene

Lifetimes high-impact polyethylene is a proprietary mix that makes our outdoor storage shed stronger, lighter and more durable than wood. Polyethylene will not crack, chip or peel and is formulated to withstand extended wear and tear and the harshest elements. All roof, wall and floor panels are stain resistant and easy to clean.

UV Inhibitors

Lifetimes high density polyethylene is an FDA grade plastic that includes premiere UV-Inhibitors that make the outdoor shed very resistant to heat and extended exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our UV protection is the best on the market.

Superior Steel Fabrication

Every Lifetime product gets its start in our steel fabrication plant where coils of raw steel are delivered on rail cars. Lifetime then slits the coil into various widths so it can be processed into roll-formed steel and stamped steel parts to be used in the construction of our outdoor storage sheds.

Proprietary Powder-Coating Formula

Lifetimes protective and decorative powder-coating is a proprietary, European formula that we have developed over time and painstakingly tested with abrasion, adhesion and environmental tests. It makes our exposed steel parts more resistant to chips, scratches, and regular wear-and-tear. It also makes parts resistant to corrosion and protects them from UV-damage brought on by exposure to the sun, making it a great all-weather finish.

State of the Art Manufacturing

A Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

Vertical Integration means we manufacture almost all of the components necessary to produce our products from start to finish. Vertical Integration allows us to have tight control over product quality, while saving time and money with no mark-up to purchase parts from out-of-house suppliers.

The factory and equipment in Clearfield, Utah is owned and operated by Lifetime, allowing for better control of costs and quality. We are also an ISO 9000 registered company, which requires us to control processes and increase quality through records and audits.

Sturdy Double-Wall Construction

The special design and tighter tack-off pattern improves the overall strength of the panel while utilizing less material. The dual-wall construction improves rigidity and keeps the panel flat so there are no sags or soft spots.

Parting Line Design

The bond at the parting line (blow-molding seam) in all of Lifetimes blow-molded parts is the result of proprietary process that makes the seam thicker than the rest of the plastic wall, providing a stronger seal than all of our competitors.

Proprietary Cooling Process

All of Lifetimes blow-molded plastic parts go through a proprietary cooling treatment just after the molding process. This allows for nominal shrinkage of the part before assembly, ensuring that the part is sound and rigid before packaging, preventing excess warping and stress to the plastic.

Internal Steel-Reinforcement

Every wall panel on the Lifetime storage shed is reinforced with solid steel bands. Each band is inserted right into the polyethylene panel, protecting the steel from weathering and rust, as well as providing a sturdy foundation that adds strength and stability to the walls.

Secure-Fastened Construction

The screws we use in assembling our outdoor storage sheds feature a tri-lobular design and have threads that are larger than the slots in the panels, providing superior contact and ensuring that the screw stay secured.

Additional Features

Creating Products for Your Lifestyle

As a global-leading innovator of consumer products, Lifetime has introduced revolutionary products in every market we have entered. Lifetime is the worlds largest manufacturer of polyethylene tables and chairs and residential basketball equipment. With products found across the globe, Lifetime boasts the top-selling folding table in America, and the number one selling brand of basketball hoops in the world.

As a world leader in creating innovative, high-quality and affordable products that fit your lifestyle, we believed it was time to use our core technologies for a new product outdoor storage sheds. With our expert skills and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we knew we could create a better outdoor shed.

So, we did.

By researching the competition and exhaustive consumer research, Lifetime discovered that every outdoor shed has a few great features, but significant weaknesses. We eliminated all of those weaknesses and combined all the best features into one complete package.

Lifetime has created the outdoor shed that consumers have been waiting for. The Lifetime outdoor shed is... Simply Better!

Sturdy, Steel-Reinforced Construction

Every Lifetime Outdoor Shed is built with steel-reinforced dent-resistant double-wall polyethylene panels. Steel trusses provide superior roof strength and the secure-fastened assembly ensures strength, stability and durability.

Attractive Appearance and Design

Lifetimes wood-grain molding, a simulated shingled roof and natural color scheme create an aesthetically pleasing addition to any yard or garden.

Low Maintenance

Ultraviolet protection, along with the stain and mildew-resistance of polyethylene, make the sheds easy to maintain. Since they are made without wood, termites arent attracted to Lifetime sheds. The interior and exterior are stain resistant, easy to clean and never need to be painted.

High-Pitched Roof

Generous headroom promotes versatility. Without having to crouch down to enter or move around, the space can be used to stack boxes, park a riding lawn-mower, or even as a garden planting room. The steep roof also allows for quick drainage of rain and snow.

High-Arched, Steel-Reinforced Doors

The doors are steel-reinforced and are attached to the shed by a full-length steel-pin hinge. The four-foot, eight-inch wide by six-foot, three-inch high door opening is perfect for easily pulling in a riding mower or accepting large patio furniture into the shed. The doors stay closed with the internal latching mechanism and are lockable from the outside with a padlock.

High-Impact Polyethylene Floor

All Lifetime outdoor sheds come with a high-impact polyethylene floor, designed to be shock resistant and easy to maintain. The floor is resistant to oil, solvents and stains and feature a slip-resistant surface.

Special Features

Built-in shelving and peg board keeps tools and supplies tidy. A shatter-proof window that opens and locks and multiple skylights create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Screened vents allow for airflow while keeping out pests and rodents. Even after the sun goes down, an included battery-powered interior light with auto shut-off keeps belongings easily accessible.

Room to Grow

With expansion kits, many Lifetime Sheds can be enlarged to fit your growing needs for storage.  Some sheds can be expanded up to 40 feet in length.  Extra front and rear shelves can also be added to increase your shelving space.



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